Wildflower Gypsy

It seems like many of these natural hair care products are started by hairstylists themselves. There comes a moment when they start to really investigate and care about what goes on their hair and into their skin. I am so impressed with all of these innovative artists, and today I want to credit one in particular. Chelsea Stephens is the creator of Wildflower Gypsy, and I am obsessed with her hair oil and dry shampoo.

The dry hair oil with rose buds is absolutely beautiful. Not only does it really add moisture back into the hair and eliminate flyaways. Every time I pick up the bottle I smile because of how thoughtful and exquisite this product is. 

The brunette and blonde dry shampoo I received work really well on "day after washing" hair. I love that it comes in different colors. The fact that it comes in blonde, brunette, and red is really great because not only does this product eliminate oils and dirt, it also acts as a volumizer and a scalp concealer. Make sure when using this product to apply it with a large, dense makeup brush for the best results. 

Chelsea Stephens of Wildflower Gypsy

Q: What is the name of your brand and how did you come up with it?

A: Wildflower Gypsy is the name of my natural beauty brand of hair and body care. The "Wildflower" is synonymous with growing up in the countryside near Ithaca, NY surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, wild botanicals and the many hippie folk that makes that area vibrant. And "Gypsy" is derived from my family roots, especially from my father's side. My grandparents and relatives were and are such eclectic and bohemian people, full of life, love, and lots of old traditions. We also found through genealogy that our lineage goes back to Austrian gypsies which I suppose makes me somewhat of a gypsy too.

Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

A: I was inspired to start my line initially because I was frustrated as a hairstylist at the limited amount of truly natural and organic products available. Then when I had our daughter Chloe Mae, I became obsessed with label reading and finding nontoxic skin care for her sensitive skin. I'm creative by nature, so starting a natural hair and body care line made sense and I love what it's evolving into.

Q: What does natural mean to you?

A:I passionately believe "natural" means honestly and authentically derived from Mother Nature. No chemicals added, minimal alteration, real scents from essential oils, and of course organic whenever available to minimize contact with pesticides.

Q: What are your core values?

A: I have some pretty strong core values for Wildflower Gypsy and for how products are produced.  I use 100% truly natural ingredients and organic when possible. I use essential oils that go through GC/MS testing, which is basically a purity test. I prefer to use ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced too. I really believe as consumers and creators we have a responsibility to take care of the planet we are using ingredients from, as well as taking care of those who harvest them. And in regards to Wildflower Gypsy's packaging, I use all recyclable or reusable bottles, jars and lids, and biodegradable lip balm tubes.

Q: Why do you use the ingredients that you do & how did you find them?

A:I work a lot with dried botanicals, flowers and plant-derived oils. The soul of Wildflower Gypsy lies within the bohemian and free spirited woman, who believes in the power of nourishment and healing from our Mother Earth. So with that concept, I chose to use healthy, nourishing and gentle plants to create an oasis of pampering and self-love. Many of the botanicals and oils I use have been found through a lot of research and trial and error. I test every product on myself, family or willing friends, see what works best and continue developing from there. The natural world of herbs and botanicals is pretty rad because they all have multiple uses. So, for example, I can use chamomile in a bath soak to encourage relaxation and also use it in a balm to offer skin-soothing properties. Same goes for essential oils. Pretty magical!

Q: What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?

A: As a hairstylist for nearly a decade, I feel like I've seen and learned a lot about the beauty industry. I'd really love to see more natural and organic indie beauty brands get the attention of mainstream customers and businesses. And I'd love to see more transparent education on what an honestly healthy ingredient is vs ones that lead to health issues. Maybe something where hairstylists and other beauty professionals have more organic and nontoxic products to work with, so they can work in a healthier environment and are able to educate their clientele on positive product choices. 

Q: What other brands do you love?

A: The past few years I've started diving deeper into finding some really great women owned businesses. I’m a fan girl of Nena & Co for their insanely beautiful bags and back-story. I also lust after what Follain is doing with the natural beauty industry, which includes classes and a mecca of products. And because I'm a hippie/farm girl at heart, I can't get enough of Floret Flower Farm and their insane blooms, education and social media photos!

Q: What’s your biggest dream for your brand?

A: Oh gosh, my biggest dream for Wildflower Gypsy...that’s an evolving process! Right now I'd love to get my hair and body care in as many people's hands as possible to show them that healthy, natural beauty products are amazing, effective and pretty! I want to grow Wildflower Gypsy's tribe, so that we're in eclectic and free spirited shops nation wide too. Down the road, I'd love to host natural beauty and DIY workshops on aromatherapy, botanical body care, flower gardening, etc. And my pie in the sky dream would include owning and Salon + Apothecary shop and some land to grow all of my own flowers and herbs for WG products.

Michelle Schindler