Texture spray vs. Sea salt spray

Both of these products are designed to create texture and grit. I know that the work “grit” sounds like a bad thing, but it’s not! You know how you love the way your hair looks when you get out of the ocean? The goal of these products is to recreate that look. Most sea salt sprays work better on wet hair, pre-blow dry or air dry. The products set the textured look and create volume as the hair dries.

A texturizing spray can be used on dry hair for both texture as well as a dry shampoo. I do not like using it as a dry shampoo because it gets crunchy at the roots. If dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby, you would get texture spray. I like to use a regular dry shampoo on my roots and a texturizing spray on my ends.

The benefit of using a texturizing spray on dry hair is that it gives the hair a piecey, separated look, making it look natural. The effortless beachy look is so in right now, and if you follow these steps it is easy to achieve.