One Love Organics

With a name like One Love Organics, I was very intrigued and hooked to find out more about the maker behind this brand. This line is clean, beautiful, accessible, and made with so much heart and soul. Started by founder Suzanne LeRoux, former lawyer, who found refuge in her stressed out life though the sacred act of self care. It was through this powerful act of love that she decided to take this project seriously and develop her beautiful brand of clean skincare. Let's dive into one love. 


Product Review

Vitamin C Face SerumI absolutely love this vitamin c moisturizing facial serum. The active ingredients are green tea and vitamin e which are proven to nourish the skin, making it radiant and glowy. I use it on my face and neck daily and have seen radical improvements in my overall completion from this product alone. 

Vitamin D Moisture MistThis moisturizing toner is a must have! I like to refrigerate it for a cool and soothing sensation. It is full of antioxidants from the alpine rose, which is a natural moisturizer. Use it before applying facial oils, serums, or moisturizer. This product leaves my skin feeling so fresh and vibrant!

Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil | I just recently discovered the magic of a cleansing oil. I have oily skin, so I never would have thought that I would be a candidate for anything "oil," but I am so happy I gave it a try! I use it to remove my makeup as well as cleanse my skin. This oil makes my skin feel so soft it's insane. Not only have I not had any breakouts since using this product, my acne scars have started to go away. Papain, a natural fruit enzyme, exfoliates and softens the skin... what an amazing concept! I am blown away with this product and have nothing but wonderful things to say about one love organics. 

Q+A with Suzanne LeRoux

Q: What is the name of your brand and how did you come up with it?

A: One Love Organics was born from our belief that love is the greatest, most powerful force on earth. When my husband and I started to work on this business seven years ago, our two boys were small and we were very motivated to live a life of simplicity, passion, and purpose. We needed to earn a living and raise our family, but we also wanted to do something that would help make the world a better place. Our desire to effect change did not come from sentimentality or a sense of obligation, but out of a wisdom that recognizes that our acts today shape our children’s world tomorrow. Though the state of the world today sometimes feels hopeless and overwhelming, love has the power to positively impact change. We cannot give our children or each other what we don’t have. So Chase and I made a pact to learn to love well, practice kindness and share it with others. And we named our new natural and organic skin care company One Love Organics. It’s a daily reminder that we are all inextricably connected to one another and because of that connection, we have a responsibility to help make this world a better, happier place.

Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

A: I have always believed in the power of a well-executed beauty ritual and in the healing power of nature. I was born and raised on a farm in Georgia, where my pharmacist dad taught me the value of combining science and nature to create a holistic approach to health and beauty. Throughout college and law school (I went to SMU in Dallas), I relied on the grounding power of my self-care ritual to boost my physical and mental well-being. I loved it so much that I embarked on formal studies in aromatherapy, herbology, and cosmetic chemistry while practicing law full time. After having my sons, my commitment to health and wellness deepened and I was inspired to create clean products that were effective, luxurious, elegant, and supported a healthy lifestyle. My husband, Chase, encouraged me to put my appreciation of nature, analytical abilities, and a serious love of a good serum to use to develop the brand.   

Q: What does natural mean to you?

A: Frankly, what is truly healthy can mean so many things to each individual. For some it is gluten-free, for others it is vegan and yet for others, it is simply the avoidance of ingredients like parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals. Yet, even amidst confusion, the FDA has not defined natural for use in cosmetic labeling. So in 2014, we earned the license to manufacture under the rigorous global ECOCERT ® standards to ensure that our products meet the highest quality, certified natural and organic, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly standards. However, I understand why most brands choose not to or are unable to undertake third-party certification. The third-party certification process we went through to get our ECOCERT® certification is downright rigorous and remains so at each bi-annual physical inspection of our facility and products. It is a big commitment but was important to us to have an industry “definition” of natural and organic and so customers don’t have the added worry and guesswork about our ingredients, manufacturing practices or environmental practices.

Q: What are your core values?

A: At One Love Beauty, we put innovation before marketing which means that every purchase you make goes back into developing the next evolution of high-performing, plant-based products. Every ingredient we use has an essential benefit: no fillers, bases, or shortcuts. We carefully source and select only the highest quality ingredients from producers we trust, relying on plant-powered nutrients to provide fresh, luminous results.

Q: Why do you use the ingredients that you do & how did you find them?

A: One Love Organics’ products feature the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the globe.  I love to study nutrition, talk to my father who is a farmer and pharmacist and attend ingredient trade shows to learn about the latest plant-based ingredients.

Q: What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?

A:  The goods news is that I see changes that I like happening now! It’s a very exciting time in the natural and organic beauty industry. Women today want to look and feel as healthy as they do beautiful. In the wake of the paraben scare and the petrochemical backlash, consumers are becoming more concerned about what they apply to their skin. Rising concerns for health and wellness, safety of conventional ingredients and environmental and sustainability consciousness continue to drive the growth of the natural and organic personal care market. What is amazing and unique about this segment of the industry, natural and organic beauty, is that it is truly customer driven. Usually, a strong marketing team and dollars from a multi-national conglomerate establish trends but this movement is truly grass roots. Customer enthusiasm and support has grown organic skin care from a tiny, niche market into a full-blown industry.

Q: What other brands do you love?

A: So many! I love Kaia Naturals deodorant, Kari Gran lip whip, Osmia Organics amazing hand-crafted soaps, W3ll People and Vapour Beauty makeup, La Bella Figura has new hand-poured candles. You just would not believe the amount of craft and art that goes into each amazingly special product produced by hard-working, small indie brands.

Q: What's your biggest dream for your brand?

A: To keep innovating the natural and organic beauty space. It has been truly astounding to see the innovations in natural and organic beauty over the last 10 years. As the industry grows as a whole and continues to focus on innovation, consumer health and eco-consciousness, we will continue to up the game with the amazing creativity and ideas that started this little niche business in the first place. Our goal as always is to surprise and delight customers with how well natural and organic beauty works, smells and feels. How could you go back once you experience it?

Her website is also filled with helpful tutorials on how to specifically use the products as well as an awesome rewards program.