Behind Nucifera with Meredith Baird

This all in one Nucifera balm can be used for just about anything. From a lip balm, to body lotion, to face wash, to makeup remover, it really does it all. 

Meredith even posts some amazingly simple DIY recipes on the site that you can used “Nuci” as a base for. You can blend in with baking soda to make deodorant or you can make body scrub by simply adding coffee grounds, sea salt or coconut sugar with equal parts of the balm. 

In the age of beauty, when there seems to be a unique product for every function, it’s refreshing to discover and use Nucifera, a muti-functional and uniquely beautiful product. 

The first major ingredient is coconut oil, flowing by kokum butter, avocado oil, borage oil, mango butter, moringa oil, as well as some medicinal grade essential oils — lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, carrot seed, sandalwood, palo santo, patchouli, and frankincense (which smell clean, delicate and feminine). 

She has three sizes — the large, medium and then the travel size, for all your home or daily adventures. This is now one of my must-have essentials. 

Q&A with Meredith Baird of Nucifera

Q: What is the name of your brand and how did you come up with it?

A: Nucifera Body. The name comes from the Latin word for coconut - cocos nucifera. It means nut bearing tree. 

Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

A: My own beauty routine was really my inspiration. When I was writing my book Coconut Kitchen, I started using coconut oil for everything - and while it wasn't enough on its own as a moisturizer, I did start to recognize the versatility that one product could have. 

Q: What does natural mean to you?

A: In my most narrow definition natural means that it comes from the earth with little to no refinement, and the least amount of human intervention possible. 

Q: Why do you use the ingredients that you do & how did you find them?

A: I use the ingredients I do based on the trial and error of my own experience, and what really worked for me. Little things along the way informed my choices.

 I found a lip balm with mango butter in it that worked amazingly well, so I adopted the mango butter. I found a face moisturizer with kokum butter in it that I really liked, so I started using that. Shikai Borage Lotion has been my favorite for a long time for body so I started experimenting with borage oil. etc. The formula has been many years in the making, and is exclusively based on ingredients that I enjoy using first hand. 

The essential oils I chose were based on the results that I was trying to achieve- evening skin tone, reducing blemishes, tightening skin, moisturizing, as well as the aromatherapeutic qualities and fragrances that I resonate with. 

Q: What are your core values?

A: Having empathy is the greatest value. 

Q: What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?

A: The shift has started to happen, but a more expanded definition of what beauty is I think is what is really important. Beauty is a vibe, and all the makeup or plastic surgery in the world will never make you beautiful if you don't have an open spirit and lack confidence. 

Q: What other brands do you love?

A: There are so many! Living Libations is my all time favorite for natural everything. And I'm currently loving Under Luna hair products. Josh Rosebrook for makeup when I do wear it. RMS is a classic. Can't name them all because there are so many great ones right now! 

Q: What does your self-care routine look like?

A: Very minimal, but the most luxurious and timely aspect of my routine is definitely frequent bathing. 

Q: What’s your biggest dream for your brand?

I want every woman on the planet to know about our brand, and have one in her purse. Safe, effective, clean beauty, that doesn't require much thought or intervention. Standard issues cosmetics are honestly gross and dangerous. 

I want my brand to help people understand that- for most things in life- LESS is more. 



With a lifelong passion for health and love of plant-based cuisine, Meredith Baird has never been one to take the traditional path.

After earning degrees in French and Art History she pursued her culinary passions and became a certified raw food chef and instructor. 

Embracing the raw food movement gave her a unique set of skills and an understanding of the benefits of plant-based ingredients that stretches far beyond what is typical in most culinary schools.


Co-author of three books, Raw Chocolate, Everyday Raw Detox and Plant Food she recently released her first solo title - Coconut Kitchen.

Inspired by the versatile and beneficial properties of the coconut, she most recently launched her newest endeavor - a plant-based line of body products called Nucifera Body. With the creation of Nucifera, she hopes to inspire women to feel beautiful with a less is more approach to beauty, and an understanding that what goes on our bodies is just as important as what goes in. 

Meredith believes in living life beautifully by nourishing yourself with life-filled, health-giving foods. Her creations are designed to inspire and let nature do most of the work.