My Daily Routine

Often times people ask me what I do to my own hair on a daily basis. Yes, I am a hairstylist, but I do not like taking too much time on myself. I am the type of girl who is ready in 15 minutes or less. My hair is either in a top knot, or down and messy.

So here is my process: I wash and condition my hair in the shower and towel dry it well. I then brush it out and spray a leave in conditioner and sea salt spray, which I scrunch to give the waves some definition. Typically, I let it air dry everywhere besides the front. In the front I take a blow dryer and a round brush to smooth out any weird curl or frizz around my face. After it is dry, I use the curling iron and add random curls around my head so that there is much more volume and definition. Lastly, I spray dry shampoo at my roots and texture spray at the ends. By doing this, I am creating volume, separation, definition, and making sure that the look holds. In only 15 minutes, I look ready and put together.