La Tierra Sagrada

I am absolutely obsessed with La Tierra Sagrada's hair medicine! Not only do these products work wonders AND make the hair healthy, they smell fantastic. I am very sensitive when it comes to scents, so to find something I can tolerate, let alone that I LOVE is so exciting.

A great first product to start with is Stefani's Salt Spray. It can be used on wet or dry hair to have amazing results in creating a beachy texture, while also smelling like palo santo. It refreshing, not too sticky, like some sprays, which is great.

The Jojoba Hair Oil is a little thick, so it's best used on medium/coarse textures, don't worry, if you have finer hair, you can still use it, just use a very small amount.

Treatment is great for repairing damaged hair. You don't need a lot again because it is rich in oil, but it can really work wonders. Great as we enter the warm summer season ahead. 

Overall, this brand is a great non-toxic choice! Thank you @latierrasagrada for sharing these gifts with me!


Stefani Padilla from La Tierra Sagrada

Q: What is the name of your brand and how did you come up with it?

A: La Tierra Sagrada (The Sacred Earth)

The name is in honor of The Sacred Earth, and all of her gifts. I have worked closely with many wise plant teachers. Herbalists of the north and curanderos from the south. Thus, incorporating plant medicine heavily into my life. Spanish is one of the languages used in southern ceremonial rituals. I use both English and Spanish as a means to bridge the medicine of the north and the south.

Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

A: I have been doing hair for over a decade. Alongside transforming hair, I have done a lot of work on the spiritual realm with plant medicine. After battling a series of autoimmune disorders, one including a debilitating episode of chronic rheumatoid arthritis at age 28, I was put on heavy medications to help me to walk again. The side effects from these medications ended up destroying my system. One of the most intense side effects was losing my hair. So, I took the natural approach to healing and went back to the plants. I created this natural, hair care line as a way to heal myself, and share the healing with anyone else who has suffered from hair loss due to disease, medication, stress, having a baby, etc. I launched the line 3 years ago to share the wisdom, protection and healing benefits of plants.

Q: What does natural mean to you?

A: Derived from, produced from and/or part of the Earth.

Q: What are your core values?

A: HONESTY, Integrity, Protecting the Planet and all living creatures that inhabit her.

Q: Why do you use the ingredients that you do & how did you find them?

A: I call my line hair medicine since it is truly made with medicinal plants. I created the line using the most organic and natural plants and oils I could find. That is why they can be used safely on the skin, as well as the hair. People are becoming more aware of the medicinal benefits from plants alone, and are creating beauty lines as clean as the food we eat. Through educating myself and doing the research as well as diving deep into the plant medicine world, the ingredients appeared naturally. Each ingredient has a specific healing element.

Q: What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?

A: I would love to see more shifts in consciousness in the beauty industry. The more aware people become of the toxicity in products the closer they are to gaining their power over their health and overall sense of well-being (including the planet!).

Q: What other brands do you love?

A: Aesop is my number 1- though it is not 100% natural.I like conscious brands that are more Earth-focused. I'm fortunate enough to have friends that create natural beauty products, like Poppy and Someday, Shiva Rose, RMS, and Heart of Gold Skin Care.

Q: What’s your biggest dream for your brand?

A: My biggest dream for La Tierra Sagrada Hair products is to spread the wisdom of the line and self-care as far as it can go in whatever directions it flows. I would love to get this product in the homes of everyone to bring in awareness as well as shift their consciousness with their beauty rituals and routines.

Michelle Schindler