*New* Captain Blankenship Shampoo & Conditioner

Plant-based shampoo and conditioner can be difficult. Many don't work or the smell just isn't right. The Captain Blankenship duo is definitely worth checking out. It's very hydrating and nourishing to the hair. 

Founder Jana Blankenship explains on how she came up with the line, why she chose the ingredients she did, and how they work for a variety of hair types (a huge win for a clean brand):

"The Mer-Mane Shampoo & Conditioner have been a real labor of love. We have six women in our crew with very different hair types and stubbornly I couldn't be happy unless the formulas worked for all of us. What resulted is a gently cleansing shampoo full of organic aloe, sea salt, organic seaweed and botanical extracts that doesn't strip hair of beneficial oils and leaves it clean and textured. The conditioner shares many of the same organic marine and botanical extracts and leaves hair nourished and full of volume, shine and texture. It works well for all hair types." - Jana Blankenship