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I was first invited into the world of Living libations by another friend who had discovered her at the Longevity Now Conference. She told me that the founder of Living Libations, Nadine Artemis, was this captivating and articulate speaker who knew more about beauty industry products than the companies we buy them from. It was so refreshing to visit her site, read her articles, watch her videos and see on her instagram to really see that she walks the real talk. Her life revolves around honoring nature and natural but functional beauty. She has created a beautiful line and store in Venice, CA, in which she sells her pure and potent creations. I'm inspired by her passion and living to bring more awareness to the toxic environment we live in and leave our world cleaner than we found it... and look fabulous while doing so...

Product Review

+ Lip Shimmer - This all natural beeswax based lip product is a magical addition to every beauty routine. Filled with fresh smelling oils like rose otto, neroli, immortelle, grapefruit, carrot seed, whoever you kiss is going to be pleased. Topped with naturally occurring mica, you get a real and lasting shimmer. 

+ Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever - This serum is so soft, gentle and creates an instant glow on the skin. Seabuckthorn is very high in beta-carotene and full of vitamins that add luminescence to your skin. You can use it as a moisturizer, makeup remover, cleanser and more. It's an all-in-one magic bullet oil. 

+ Being Free is lots of Fun Petal Perfume - This essential oil based perfume is much more safe to use than the classic department store perfume. With notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and vanilla, this feminine and uplifting scent is delicate and a great replacement for anything toxic on your top shelf. There are many varieties of scents, so try ones that you are most attracted to. 

+ All Seeing Eye Cream - Silky smooth eye cream is a must to keep fine lines and wrinkles away. This one contains jojoba infused oil with rose water and aloe vera. You can wear this under makeup and it's a great addition to apply before bed. Add the moisture back into your skin and underneath your gorgeous eyes. 

+ True Blue Spirulina Shampoo and Conditioner Duo - This ocean and herb mineralized shampoo and conditioner is great for revitalizing and taming damaged hair. The algae in this product can help with dryness, blue tansy helps to calm and cool the scalp, and aloe vera is an all around nutrient-dense powerhouse. The small size is also great for traveling or sleepovers, to ensure you're using a great clean and nourishing product. 


Q&A with Founder of Living Libations, Nadine Artemis

Q: What is the name of your brand and how did you come up with it?

Living Libations is the brand name for our creations. A libation is a pouring out of pure nectar in reverence of a deity, and we offer our purest plant products to beautify your being as a living nectar, an outpouring in celebration of the cosmos and all creation.

Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

Plants and flowers make my passion bloom! My fascination with plants started when I was a child playing for hours in the forest and with the flowers in our gardens. This joy grew when I was in the 9th grade and I made a replica of L’Air Du Temp by Nina Ricci with essential oils for the science fair. It was so exciting and it was my first success in the world of botanical science. I didn’t quite understand the discernment between natural and synthetics at this stage, yet the exquisite aromas offered by essential oils awoke an olfactory light bulb of possibilities in my mind.

Later on in university, I discovered that my favorite cucumber face toner did not have any cucumber in it. It was all synthetic! I knew that there was a pure botanical world out there, so I started researching and importing rare and organic essences to make my own beautiful botanical perfumes and some skin care items. I pursued the highest quality raw materials and never settled. I found the best of the best. I was aware that I had been living in the synthetic world and could now discern the really-real from the pseudo-real. Once I discovered the bright palette of pure, clean essences, I could not fathom using anything else.

I started receiving samples of oils, Neroli from orange groves in Tanzania, luminous Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, beloved Bergamot from the Jasmine coast of Italy and very velvety Lemongrass from Zanzibar right from the distiller—organic, artisanal distilled oils that were a whole new level of purity. I sourced oils that were not even mentioned in aromatherapy books at the time, like Ravensara, Manuka and Bornia This was when I understand that most of the available essential oils on the market, including the ones at the health food stores, were using highly adulterated “essential oils” sourced from companies that were mainly based out of fragrance warehouses that make “nature identicals.” The scent trail led me to the purest oils and the fascinating realm of research and sniffing and whiffing essences from all over the world – and they all smelled leaps and bounds more beautiful that what was found on the shelves of a store. To be ensorcelled in the scents of sandalwood and jasmine, surrounded by decanters and bottles of botanicals…I was in heaven. Since then, my life has been a total immersion in botanical essences, and they have taught me, and are currently still teaching me about health, beauty, and immunity.

Q: What does natural mean to you?

Long ago, the word natural meant “from nature.” These days, “100 percent natural” can be 100 percent unnatural. “100 percent pure” is often a hollow term devoid of meaning. “Certified organic” skincare only has to be 70 percent organic. Methylparaben in organic skincare? No problem! Beauty buzzwords are illusory and euphemistic. Ersatz apparitions of lofty lavender fields are used to obscure reality while empty metaphors fill our pores with the debris of detergents and the suds of surfactants. Active Ingredients are highlighted to distract from the futile fillers and the undesirable, unpronounceable ingredients that our skin can live without.

Q: What are your core values?

Our core values are the vital elements of the cosmos: fresh air and summer breezes, cool spring water, abundant sunlight and moonlight, and the verdant earth. It is around these things that our cells, lives, and libations are organized.

Q: Why do you use the ingredients that you do & how did you find them?

For over 20 years we have nurtured personal relationships with artisan distillers and family farmers around the globe so that we may secure authentic oils and extracts that are purely and fairly produced and tracked from field or forest to our front door. Each drop must contain boundless, bioactive, botanical beauty. When nature provides such exquisite and effective elements to graciously attend to our skin, we must see the use of synthetics as the definition of insanity.

Q: What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry operates on an entirely different plane, a different reality, then we do, so it isn’t really on our radar. All our time is absorbed by doing what we do best: formulating innovative beauty and dental care creations.  

Q: What other brands do you love?

We love Sun Potion Transformational Foods – their superfoods and herbs are top notch.  The flower tonics made by Green Hope Farm Essences are lovely, gentle, and energetic.

Q: What’s your biggest dream for your brand?

Our biggest dream for Living Libations is to be a blessing to our local community – and the global community. Our philosophy invites Nature to be our finest bathing attendant and to let all things synthetic and unsupportive fall away, so we hope to bring the purest essences and the potency of flower power to everyone who seeks it.

Michelle Schindler