Who is your role model how has this person inspired you?

DIANA SCHMIDTKE! Duh… There are no words to describe how much I love this woman and how amazing she has been to me and my career. However, I can try. Diana Schmidtke is a men’s specialist and her clientele consists of most of Hollywood’s hottest guys, but don’t think that her knowledge is limited to just men/ men’s grooming. She is one of the most intelligent, hard working people I’ve ever met which is what I admire about her most. If she is not doing physical work, she is researching and learning.

Diana took me on as her assistant 4 years ago (lucky me), and the amount of growth that I have seen in myself due to her guidance is immense. I have learned how to be a leader and take on roles that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take on before. Yes, she has taught me tips, tricks and techniques, but the part of our relationship that I value most is her love and knowledge for the industry (and me). Diana Schmidtke is the definition of a talented artist and an amazing mentor.